iCatholicD provides: direction to catholic churches, contact information, today's reading, driving directions, etc. It includes more than 150 catholic Archdioceses/Dioceses located within the 50 states in the US; only affiliated catholic churches.

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iCatholicD Map View

Map view shows Catholic churches nearby. Tap and hold on a specific location to show churches nearby; ONLY within the United States.

iCatholicD List View

List of nearby Catholic Churches. Tap on Search text field to quickly find a church by name.

iCatholicD Deatisl View

Find detailed information on selected Catholic church; email, call, visit church website, or use turn by turn navigation to church.

iCatholicD Today's Reading View

Read, listen, reflect and discuss the daily readings for Mass.

Key Features

  • Church Address
  • Geo Location available (any interested location in USA)
  • latest information from Archdioceses/Dioceses
  • Community's bulletin board to announce events
  • Daily Reading
  • Contact Information
  • Mass, Reconciliation Times (if available)
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
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