iCatholicD provides information related to Roman Catholic Churches located in the United States of America. You will find location, contact information, driving instruction, among other useful details on churches. Easily find a Roman Catholic Church near you or other location within US by a long press on map; press and hold a map location to get churches near by.

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On launching app, map view shows Roman Catholic Churches near you; your current location is required. Also, you could tap and hold on a specific location to show churches around that location.

iCatholicD Map View

Figure 1. Graphically find Roman Catholic Churches in the USA territory.

Finding a specific Roman Catholic Church might be a daunting task, but app provides built in search to quickly locate what you need. Tap on Search field to easily find a church by its name.

iCatholicD List View

Figure 2. List of found Roman Catholic Churches.

Find detailed information on selected Catholic church; email, call, visit church website, or use turn by turn navigation to church.

iCatholicD Deatisl View

Figure 3. Find contact details when selecting a Church from map/list.

Key Features

  • Church Address
  • Geo Location available (any interested location in USA)
  • latest information from Archdioceses/Dioceses
  • Contact Information
  • Mass, Reconciliation Times (if available)
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
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