Work Logs is a project manager that allows you plan, manage and track of your project's tasks digitally. This app organizes your tasks in an efficient way enabling you to stay focus on many projects at once.

Project List



Projects are sorted by priority to allow you choose activities intelligently. A simple color code and sorting method to help you choose the activities you should prioritize and the ones you should avoid. Thus, you would make the most of your time and opportunities.

  •  Critical 
  •  High 
  • Medium 
  • Low 


Add status and notes one step at a time to organize and keep track of your task per project.

  •  Working on it 
  •  In Search 
  •  Waiting 
  •  Pending 
  •   Delayed 
  •  Stuck 
  •  Rejected 


Focus on the work ahead and prioritize task, track due dates, check status, review notes with a glance.

  • Project is overdue Overdue icon
  • Project is within 48 hours to complete With in 48 hrs icon
  • Project has more than 48 hours to complete More than 48 hrs icon

Track progress through completion

Graphically overview your work in seconds while keeping you focused on your work and task on hand.


Easily store finished projects along with all accomplish detailed tasks in an easy to retrieve file format (PDF).


  • Easy to use
  • Prioritized sorted projects
  • Secure (biometric option)
  • Clutter free
  • Tracking status
  • Detailed and sorted notes