Screen Annotations provides a set of tools and options to enhance on-screen presentations. App provides a toolbar that lets you write and draw on screen. It contains a Whiteboard option that enables you to focus attention onto a white canvas to express ideas or clarify content. In addition, a custom countdown timer option is available.

Screen Annotations

Figure 1: Available tools to write and draw over most desktop software.

Screen Annotations is a status bar application that when launched its icon will be shown at top right corner. It creates an overlay that lets you draw and write over most software, including webpages, video, presentations, etc.

Adding Text to screen: Click and drag mouse to adjust for font size then press ENTER when you are done typing text.

Hotkey support

Common hotkeys are used to enable user easily use gained knowledge of standard hotkeys.

Close overlay - [command + q] or [esc]
Undo - [command + z]
Redo - [command + shift + z]
Line weight - [command + 0...9]


Present ideas on a single whiteboard to augment your presentations.


Figure 2: White overlay that allows to write and draw using available tools.

Countdown Timer (Meeting Starting in:)

Easily communicate break time between presentations or as enriching tool to let attendees know starting time.

Countdown Timer

Figure 3: Countdown timer to keep attendees informed about meeting time.

Key Features

  • Make your presentation stand out by highlighting information directly on screen
  • Great for online tutoring and screen share presentations
  • Enhance presentations by using shapes and text to highlight content
  • Improve online presentation using overlay draws on your content
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