Readable PDF is a text to speech program that read out loud content of PDF files, and an assistant that keeps track of your reading progress. App comes with many features focused on helping you read more. It produces natural sounding synthesized text from PDF files. Spoken word is highlighted to help you follow along, auto scrolling option to centers your attention on reading words and many more features as described below.

Clean User Interface

Readable PDF icon

Available Option on Tool Bar

Open PDF File

Open option Click on + button to choose a PDF file to open.

Thumbnails View

Thumbnails option Shows and hides thumbnails view of current open file.


Outline option Option that allows one to jump among outline topics on document

Read Out Loud

Read out loud option option to start reading out loud text on PDF document.

Pause Reading

Pause reading option Momentarily stop reading text on document.


Stop reading option Stop reading out loud and reset cursor to beginning of page.

Highlighing Color

Highlighting color option Option to allow one to choose highlighting color to use when reading out loud.

Auto Scroll

Auto scroll option Auto scrolling while reading out loud. Scroll is enforced according to reading word. Disable this option when exploring rest of PDF document.


Recording option Listen your readings while jogging or relaxing by converting PDF document to a sound file.


Available voices option Choose from many voices and languages built-in macOS.

Voice Rate

Voice Rate option Choose speaking rate/speed of chosen voice.

Saved List of PDF Files

Available voices option Quick option to load reading PDF documents

Save Option

Voice Rate option Select this option before closing app to remember reading document and current progress.

Description of Included Features

    • Unlimited text-to-speech conversion
    • Highlighting spoken word to improve comprehension and retention
    • Skip text in PDF header and footer
    • Available over 36 built-in macOS voices in 40 different languages
    • Ability to adjust speaking rate
    • Start reading at any place within loaded PDF by selecting starting location
    • Auto-scrolling feature to help reader follow along
    • Thumbnails feature to easily navigate your PDF file
    • Option to save quickly your progress
    • Option to easily load saved file and progress
    • Full screen feature to help reader focus
    • Create sound (AIFF) file
    • Generate narration for your YouTube movies
    • Create eLearning material

      *Note: Encrypted or protected PDFs are not supported.