Readable PDF is a text to speech program that read out loud content of PDF files, and an assistant that keeps track of your reading progress. App comes with many features focused on helping you read more. It produces natural sounding synthesized text from PDF files. Spoken word is highlighted to help you follow along, auto scrolling option to centers your attention on reading words and many more features as described below.

Recording feature available that allows you to save audio file(s). Saving audio file(s) from one page, a range of pages, or entire pages of pdf file is like printing. You could select a single page, a range, or entire pdf to create an audio file to listen while exercising, for example.

Readable PDF icon

Options on Application's Tool Bar

Open PDF File
Open option
Open Quick Option

To open a PDF document click on + button and choose file. Also, you could drag and drop a PDF document into app's body/view. In addition, you could select PDF document then right-click and choose Open With option and select Readable PDF app. Another option is to set Readable PDF App icon in Dock then drag and drop PDF documents on top of app's icon. One more option, set Readable PDF app as a target within print dialog as shown on video Print Option from Safari - among other ways to open a PDF document.

Thumbnails View
Thumbnails option
Thumbnails Option

Shows and hides thumbnails view of current open PDF document. Easily skim through document or use it to navigate PDF file.

Outline option

Option that allows one to jump among outline topics on PDF documen

Read Out Loud
Read out loud option

Option to start reading out loud text on PDF document. Depending on previous action, play button will either start to read from paused word or from the beginning of current page if previously clicked stop button.

Pause Reading
Pause reading option

Momentarily stops reading text on PDF document. Pause button stops reading at current reading word, it would continue reading once play button is clicked again.

Stop reading option

Option to stop reading out loud and reset cursor to beginning of page. This option resets reading location within page. Another way to choose a starting reading point is by selecting text then click play button.

Highlighing Color
Highlighting color option
Highlight Color

Option to allow one to choose highlighting color to use when reading words out loud. There are both predefined colors as well as a custom option to select a preferred highlighting color.

Auto Scroll
Auto scroll option
Auto Scroll

Auto scrolling while reading out loud. Scroll is enforced according to reading word. Disable this option when exploring PDF document. This option allows page of document to be focus while reading.

Recording option
Recording Option

Listen your readings while jogging or relaxing by converting PDF document to a sound file. There are three options available: All, Single, and Range. All option generates audio file of entire PDF document. Single option allows one to chose any particular page to be converted to audio file. Finally, Range option lets you choose consecutive pages from which audio file is generated.

Available voices option
Available voices

Choose from many voices and languages built-in macOS. There are more voices that one can download using System Preferences > Accessibility > Speech

Voice Rate
Voice Rate option
Speaking Rate

Choose speaking rate of chosen voice. Five different speaking speeds to choose from according to level of own confort. When selecting recording option to generate audio file, voice and rate are taking into account.

Saved List of PDF Files
Save list of PDF Documents
Remembered read PDF documents

Quick option to load saved reading PDF documents and their progress. This option is not the same as Open Recent option under File menu.

Save Option
Voice Rate option
Remember PDF document and progress

Select this option before closing app to remember reading progress of PDF document. This allows app not oly remember PDF document but also saves your reading progress.

Description of Included Features

  • Unlimited text-to-speech conversion
  • Highlighting spoken word to improve comprehension and retention
  • Skip text in PDF header and footer
  • Available over 36 built-in macOS voices in 40 different languages
  • Ability to adjust speaking rate
  • Start reading at any place within loaded PDF by selecting starting location
  • Auto-scrolling feature to help reader follow along
  • Thumbnails feature to easily navigate your PDF file
  • Option to save quickly your progress
  • Option to easily load saved file and progress
  • Full screen feature to help reader focus
  • Create sound (AIFF) file
  • Generate narration for your YouTube movies
  • Create eLearning material

Add a New Voice

Readable PDF leverages voices already in you Mac. You can add or delete voices through System Preferences > Accessibility option. Once you add a new voice, this will be available in the app's voices drop down. For more information on steps to follow to add/delete voices please refer to this website.

*Note: Encrypted or protected PDFs are not supported.

Key Features

  • Readable PDF comes with many features focused on helping you read more.
  • Highlighting spoken word to improve comprehension and retention
  • Option to save quickly your progress
  • Create sound (AIFF) file

  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Readable PDF as Print Option from Safari
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