Playback Agenda is a media content and a player that helps you control your digital signage. You get to choose in advance date, time, and duration in which videos are played. Take control of your digital advertisement while easily managing media content on your displays. Set it and forget it!

Playback Agenda runs as a status bar application. It manages and plays scheduled digital signs as plan.

Note: stop video playing by placing mouse cursor at bottom left corner of screen.

Playback Agenda User Interface

Friendly user interface

Playback Agenda new video

Steps to schedule a video

1) Choose video to play,
2) select date, time, and duration of video
3) Optional, select priority level (to resove overlaping conflicts)
4) click Save button - Done!!!

Overlaping is allowed

5 levels of priority to choose for overlaped videos. Five degrees of granularity to resolve conflicted schedules. Schdeule videos in advance for entire day/week/month/year well you know what I mean...

Preference pane

Playback Agenda extra features

Satrt Playback Agenda on system startup

Feature that lets you manage countless videos while allowing to automatic launch program on startup.

Watermark your videos

Feature enables user to promote own brand by adding a custom logo/artifact/image on playing video.

Grab viewers attention

Feature allows user to add own scrolling text over paying video. It is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Brief Overview of a Typical Digital Signage System

Playback Agenda aims to help manage your digital content played on screens. The solution enables you to proactively plan out content played in order to deliver the right message to the right audience at any given time.

Typical Setup

Computer, video splitter, and screens.

Digital Signage System

Note: Above picture suggest to use a Mac Mini as a media player, a HDMI splitter to display video in multiple screens, and multiple displays with HDMI inputs for simplicity.

Setting up System

  1. Setup your computer
    • Change settings to Energy Saver under System Preferences
      Power Preferences
    • Set computer to automatically login found at Users & Groups under System Preferences
      Power Preferences
    • Optional: Remote connect to Mac Mini by enabling Remote Management found at Sharing pane under System Preferences
      Remote Management
    • Enable Playback Agenda to auto launch at login
      Playback Agenda Preferences
    • Schedule your videos
      Playback Agenda Preferences
  2. Connect Mac Mini HDMI port to "input port at HDMI splitter
    Mac Mini ports
  3. Connect HDMI splitter "output" port to each Screen
    HDMI Splittler

Key Features

  • Easily manage your digital signs
  • Schedule your video signage in advance
  • Promote your brand using your own logo
  • Grab your audience's attention using scrolling messages
  • Automate media player to reflect business hours
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Playback Agenda at Mac App Store