AppIcon Wizard automates image resizing process generating multiple images of the exact pixels or aspect ratios you specify. AppIcon Wizard makes it fast to revise and enhance prototype app icons and resource images. Create your own workflows to scale or resize images as needed.

Simple yet Powerful user interface

AppIcon Wizard screenshot

1) Drag and drop original image to process,
2) select target folder to save generated images,
3) choose resulting image's format,
4) select workflow to use,
5) click Export button - Done!!!

Create your own workflows

AppIcon Wizard screenshot

Name your workflow uniquely, name each custom image uniquely, enter image's size (width and/or height), add image properties - Done!!!

Easily view generated images

AppIcon Wizard screenshot

Select, show in finder, quickly preview image, or move it to Trash if needed.

Default Workflows

AppIcon Wizard screenshot

Option available to load default workflows under View menu.

Description of Included Features

  • 1-click rosource creation
  • Scale image preserving width or height aspect ration
  • Add your own workflows as needed