US Citizenship Prep is a study guide to help you practice, gain confidence, and pass the USA Naturalization test. Increase your chance to pass your interview test by tracking your study progress. This iOS App will help you study USA naturalization material at any time any where by using audio files; learn while listening to interview questions and answers.


US Citizenship Prep settings

Page displays customizable options available to personalize this app according to your needs.

  • Language (language used in app)
  • Level of difficulty on quiz - adjustable by randomizing number of questions to present (5min to 100max)
  • Set your location to get some answers base on location (state and district)


US Citizenship Prep study

Page displays study material based on your selected option - 100 civics or by topic.

  • Navigation buttons and TOUCH GESTURES available - slide your fingers forward or backward to go next/previous question
  • Audio files available for both English and Spanish
  • Play one question at a time or use Auto Play option to automatically review all questions.


US Citizenship Prep quiz

Page displays questions to measure your knowledge.

  • Randomly selected questions
  • Review option to check answers to attempted quiz


US Citizenship Prep progress

Page displays chart of your progress base on taken quizzes.

  • Graphically shows your progress - received score for taken quizzes.
  • Graph shown the 20 most recent scores.

Self Study By Topics

US Citizenship Prep progress

Page allows to study one topic a at time.

  • Select one topic to study from the nine available
  • Option under Custom section presents your customized list of questions you select from Custom Study List tab. This option helps you study questions you are having trouble remembering.

Custome Study List

US Citizenship Prep progress

Page allows selecting questions that you are having trouble remembering from the required 100.

  • Switch to allow question to be included within custom list accessible from Self Study By Topics tab.